Henry Lopez - Honduras

Honduran Moon

It's been the Storm family's great and incredible blessing to sponsor Henry Edguardo Ramos Lopez, a giant in the Kingdom of God, through Compassion International.

I was in Gracias, Honduras, in 2006 and was able to spend the day with Henry and his mother. There've been some miles since then but I'll never forget it. A fellow traveler woke me, knocking on my hotel room door so early in the morning it seemed like the middle of the night, and told me that Henry and his mother were in the hotel restaurant waiting for me. I threw some water on my face, put some clothes on and headed down. I recognized Henry right away. He'd obviously taken a little more time getting ready than I had. He was dressed in his best (and only) white dress shirt and pressed blue pants. His hair was slicked and his face was scrubbed and shining. I felt like a slob next to his handsomeness! I had no problem picking him out of the crowd. He had a picture of my family in his hand and was studying first it, and then the face of every stranger that walked by, hoping it would be me. I was humbled.

What a day that was! I bought him everything in sight but I don't think he even noticed. He just held my hand and stared at me the whole time. When it was time to go he set down his new soccer ball and held me and cried. I cried too.

Henry Edguardo Ramos Lopez prays for me beneath a Honduran moon. How loud must his voice ring through the halls of heaven! Lord I am blessed.

Search your heart. Pray. I hope you'll sponsor a child. It will be the biggest event in his or her life, but even more than that, it will change yours forever.

Please join Henry and me. We're changing the world!