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Readers Give Buck Storm's New Novel THE MIRACLE MAN
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New favorite Author!

I have found my new favorite author. This book had me captured and taken prisoner until I finished. The details and way the story was woven was expertly done. Mystery, grace, humor and love all wrapped into one. What an excellent tool for spreading the Love of Jesus! - 
Marci Z

Buck Storm has a great writing style
Bucks first book was a real joy to read. Love his wit and sense of humor. Really enjoyed the way he titles each chapter. Found myself looking forward to seeing what was coming next. Hear he has another book coming out. Can't wait to read it.  - Bonnie Zavala

The Miracle Man by Buck Storm is a wonderful read!
Thank you for this book!! "The Miracle Man" is a wonderful, encouraging read! i finished it late last night after purchasing the kindle version the day before--could NOT put it done (or in my case, shut off the computer screen)!!! Thank you for this wonderful experience! God bless you, Buck Storm! Hope and pray that you write another book SOON! - Tama

Great Author!!!
This is Buck's first book and hopefully not his last. The characters were so real, even the bad guys were creepy.. It had a great message and it's sure to please all who read it!!! Believe me it is a fantastic read!!! - Joan Anderson

A great read!
One of the best books I've read in a long time. Well-written, funny and at the same time profound. This is a writer of unusual talent. This story will stay with me for a long time to come.

Thank You Buck I Totally Enjoyed It!!
I rarely write reviews. I looked forward to receiving this book and I wasn't disappointed. Once I started reading, it was hard to put down. It had all the elements of a good read... a hero, an Evil villain, romance, suspense, humor and reality. I cried at the end which for me says it was a good book. Anyway, thank you Buck for sharing this story with me. I loved it and it really showed how easily people can be drawn off track. We all need to be Bereans! and then have Faith, and just Trust in God and His Word. - Leeann Crawford

Wonderful Story Teller
Vivid and engaging characters and locale drive a story that at several points (especially the end) you will find hard to put down.
Plenty of human drama without gimmicks keeps it lively. And there's a good touch of humor in the right places.
Opens up more than one spiritual can o' worms via thought provocation rather than preaching. - T. Fountain

... church and how evil swept down and made the bad guys good
A delightful story of a small close-knit town turned upside down with a surprising miracle happening in their very own church and how evil swept down and made the bad guys good, and the good guys bad! A real page turner, wonderful characters, colorful writing, and a message unfolding that, surprisingly or not surprisingly for some, we're not in control. - Jerrie Wright

Don't Pass this Buck (Buck Storm, that is)
After leaning about Buck's blog from Bob Bennett, I was excited to see that he was soon to release his first book. If his book was anything like his blog, I knew I would not be disappointed. I was right. It was more than I expected. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. -Dale King

Great read!
There aren't many books that I'd read more than once, but this is definitely one that I could read over and over. I missed the characters when I was done reading the story. Endearing and entertaining from page 1 through the epilogue. - Suzanne

Great Read!
I can't say enough good things about this book. I was drawn in, and shortly thereafter, completely riveted. Great story line, great writing style, great characters. I read the whole book online, and liked it so much I have decided I need to actually own the physical book for my book collection. Very much recommended. - Julie

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